The Pound Will Drop if Brexit Talks Fail.

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We all know that the Brexit negotiations between the EU and the U.K. are long past due to be finished. Does it seem like the never ending disagreements are part of the plan for this to ultimately fail? Read more here:

Episode 32 Construction Manager Make Massive Profit Trading During Coronavirus Pandemic

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This week we are on a journey to learn more about the Construction Manager from Florida who in his late 20’s became interested in trading financial markets especially the Forex market.  After only a couple of years he has demonstrated consistent profit and extraordinary trading skill that enables him to make money in addition to his career as an entrepreneur … Read More

Gold Outlook Remains Positive While Buying and Selling Short Term

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Generally, we can assume that in the near term stock markets may continue down with risk-off sentiment and normally that means that Gold will go up but not always. Recently there were periods of time where Gold and stocks are going down together. According to this expert, the outlook for Gold remains positive but that is also what some “experts’ … Read More

Forex Trader Interview: Massive Profits During Quarantine

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In this fascinating trader interview, you will hear from a young and relatively newly professional Forex trader who owns a construction management business which fortunately is still doing well. This is an accessible interview of Forex trader’s stories first hand from someone who mastered trading quickly as a full-time day trader. Hear him tell his success stories as a full-time … Read More

How to Overcome Anxiety and Fear and Unleash Your Inner Superhero

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Have you ever noticed lately that you or other people have a lot of extra anxiety or fear?  Does it seem like you are being encouraged if not forced to feel fear and anxiety?  I noticed that on search results on the internet and on social sites anyone who recommends that people create a state of inner calmness are ridiculed or condemned.   The … Read More