Never thought I would be passionate about sitting in front of a computer staring at technical charts for hours per day.

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They always say follow your passion right?  But that doesn’t always make sense.  How many of us make a living surfing, or painting?  You can still love what you do without taking the advice of self help gurus who suggest you do nothing but what you love.  Sometimes we need to do what we do because of the purpose behind … Read More

If you trade the Euro you know it shot up. But is there any reason to be bullish on the Euro?

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Some people believe the European Union is an oppressive control agenda leading the European people into slaughter and has nothing to do with the agenda originally claimed to unite Europe economically under one currency.  

What is next in France? Are the French people doomed to perpetual enslavement by the European Union?

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History is unfolding one step at a time.  Even more fascinating is the pattern it forms on the charts of financial markets. Disruptions and distortions of the pattern also form patterns that lead to the next trade.   What’s next in France and the European Union?  It’s not over yet.

Trading Stars Podcast 19

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       Listen to this brief interview with Sean Crotty, who speaks candidly about his experience learning to trade.  Who would have guessed how the steps unfolded or the unique insights and revelations that would ultimately lead to his mastery and success in trading?  When we are first introduced to the idea of trading financial markets most of us have … Read More

Change your breathing. Change your trading results. Proven.

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Not everyone realizes how important this is but for the few who do… The training that we do with traders to eliminate fear and anxiety in trading is the most powerful and effective thing you can do to get you closer to achieving your trading goals consistently.