[warning] Horrifying broker nightmare


They come straight out of hell.  And when you enter a trade you can almost hear them let out that shrieking cackle like the Wicked Witch of the West.  You know they are just waiting to see the last of your deposited capital get sucked from your account like a vampire biting your neck.    Every time you lose they dance around the fire with perverted delight. 

That’s the picture that many traders experience regarding their own broker and some of the paranoia is for good reason.  But for those who trade professionally and have already made it past the point of blaming brokers for their losses, they know that the broker  is their most respected business partner.   Your entire business depends on having a positive and mutually beneficial business relationship with a Forex broker.

How many times people ask me, “Do you know of a good honest broker?”   I’ve been searching myself and put the question to the community.  I started a little survey to ask “Who all among us is making a living from trading and what broker do you recommend?”   After all, if you read about a lot of people bitching and complaining about their brokers stealing their money you have to know that almost all of those people don’t know how to trade and don’t make a living from trading. 

So the only people whose opinion is worthwhile are those who do know how to trade and do make a living from trading The answers are still rolling in and so far it’s been quite educational for me.  I discovered a few real gems that I wasn’t that aware of before.

As the information comes in I will be updating you about what I found out.  And here is one of the names that so far came up over and over among some of the members of our international community of professional traders.   Have you heard of them?   Let me know what you think.   And I definitely want to know what you have found in your own experience so far.


Talk soon,


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