FOMC and Non Farm are Critical Points this Week

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Listen to what John Kicklighter has to say about what is going on this week. But when it comes time to trade observe the pattern on the chart and you will see the trade clearly. I am expecting excellent trading results for these 2 events.

Trading Stars Podcast 24: Well Known Success Coach and Personal Development Author Describes How to Master Forex Trading

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       Today’s guest, JoreJj Elprehzleinn, is a fascinating and unique person who is a sought after Success Consultant and well known personal development author who is using his transformation skills to become a master of trading the Forex market.  He is the author of the course, Life Transformation System A-Z, and has helped many clients overcome their limitations in life and … Read More

Charts and Fundamental Show Something is About to Happen on Yen Pairs

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Yesterday we identified a turning point that could happen within the next couple of days on the USD JPY, EUR JPY, and other Yen pairs. Today I see that fundamental analysis after the Japanese election agrees with what can easily be seen on the charts.

Financial Firms Score Victory in Senate Stopping Customers From Class Action Lawsuits

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As with any issue these days, the result of this victory can be seen from multiple points of view. The lazy and self-entitled victims will cry because they cannot join in class action lawsuits against financial firms. This could help influence more people to adopt the mindset of success which is to be the cause of your own results rather … Read More

OMG! Don’t Forget the Japanese Elections Are Happening This Weekend.

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This week we had a super powerful move after a breakthrough with the New Zealand election. Apparently, the Kiwis really don’t think Jacinda Alert is good for the economy. Who knows what could happen with the Japanese Election?

Draghi Speaks and Euro Moves.

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No doubt about it Draghi speaking can move the market. Sometimes it might help to hear what these economic dudes have to say but usually, the charts will form a clear picture for those who can see.

Excellent and Easily Identifiable Short on GBP Yesterday Will Go Down More Today

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As usual, we identified a short on several GBP pairs yesterday and entered before the news. Coming back later at the New York session it was pleasing to see a nice move down. Now that the market is going sideways it is easy to see it will go down again. Nothing to do with what this guy is saying.