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In trading you need the right knowledge to show you how the market really works. When and why does it turn? Next you need practice and repetition over time. Our world acclaimed training provides both the right knowledge and the environment to make it work for you.

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Pro Forex Trading Strategies That Work

Scott Shubert, Founder

Scott Shubert founded Trading Mastermind with the intention of dispelling the many misconceptions in the Forex industry that cause the majority of traders to consistently lose. By freely sharing the insights and breakthroughs that he discovered early on in his Forex trading career he has enabled many traders to start realizing virtually unprecedented results after being frustrated and disappointed with the many other Forex training programs currently available. Since 2006 Scott has helped hundreds of traders in their quest to reach their goals of mastery and consistent profit in trading

Doug Bowen, Law Enforcement Officer/ Professional Trader

How could I have NOT seen how easy it is to make money from this market? This is the real deal!”Doug Bowen

Diego Corgna, Forex Trader/Investor

I have amazing results in my live account. I’m amazed at how it works! It’s like a clock. This is the best way to trade. And the results speak for themselves. Diego Corgna, Forex Trader/Investor

Mischely Gomez, Director of Admissions/Marketing

Mischely Gomes brings her skill and charm to the team creating a positive student experience and directing marketing operations.


Sean Crotty , British Broadcasting Corporation/Forex Trader

I’ve had a series of revelations. Something just clicked. We end up with a plan and then we execute that plan. And what could be simpler than that? And the reason we are doing this is because we have a certain view in terms of how the market works. And if you have that view and you believe in that view itjust logically follows that the only way to trade is the way we are trading. The results have been amazing. This works! Sean Crotty , British Broadcasting Corporation/Forex Trader

Ruben Topas, Professional Forex Tader/Surfer

I really think that we’re actually learning. It’s not just a system where you just look at something. But we actually get an understanding of the market, what’s really going on. And that’s much more important than just getting in a good trade. The actual understanding is what is much more important. We really cover this and we really get this. I have taken numerous, many other courses and have not learned anything. I am achieving excellent results. The system does work and there is a real way of getting consistent profits in the market. I’m very happy that I’m able to make consistent profit.Ruben Topas, Professional Forex Tader/Surfer

Pro Forex Trading Strategies That Work.


Are you tired of being ripped off by time wasting money sucking Forex Scams? FInd out what really works in trading now for professional traders who earn their living from trading.


The Industry-Acclaimed “Yin Yang Forex Training System”

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The Original Yin Yang Forex Training System

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The Original Yin Yang Forex Training System

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The legendary Platinum Trading Group LIve Trading Community

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The Legenday Platinum Trading Group Live Trading Community

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The Legenday Platinum Trading Group LIve Trading Community

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Daily LIve Trading Sessions Recorded for Immediate Access in Case You Miss The Session

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Daily Live Trading Sessions Recorded for Immediate Access

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