Morgan Stanley Warns of Immanent Recession

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We have heard all this before for a long time. Questions still remain about whether this one will be a big one or another temporary correction before another bullish cycle. Many of these factors demonstrate market conditions that could still turn out one way or another. Let’s see what the Morgan Stanley Chief Stock Strategist has to say.

Trading Stars Podcast 31: New Hampshire Man Masters Part Time Trading While Working Full Time.

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 The story of Errol Cady, a union worker from New Hampshire, is no doubt an inspiration to everyone.  He decided to learn how to trade just around 4 years ago and after putting in some time for practice and study, he now has proven that he can risk no more than 1% and still get consistent increase in capital … Read More

London FTSE Expects Higher Open While Waiting Fed’s Monetary Policy.

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Apparently, the sentiment remains bullish for today’s market open for the London FTSE. Yesterday because of possible breakthroughs with internal Brexit agreement and today due to expectations regarding the U.S. Fed monetary policy decision at FOMC. This will definitely be an exciting trading day. Read more here