Trading Stars Podcast 31: New Hampshire Man Masters Part Time Trading While Working Full Time.

The story of Errol Cady, a union worker from New Hampshire, is no doubt an inspiration to everyone.  He decided to learn how to trade just around 4 years ago and after putting in some time for practice and study, he now has proven that he can risk no more than 1% and still get consistent increase in capital from Forex trading of around 100% increase in 12 months.  These results put him in the top category for trading and investment firms although he prefers to only trade his own account.  If things keep going well, in about one year he plans to go to full time trading with no need for any other source of income.  Many people wish they could do what he is doing.  But rather than wish, just learn from his example.  This episode is a great way to learn how it’s done in real life.