3 Proven Pro Forex Trading Strategies That Most Traders Refuse To Do

When you have a chance to see what professional traders who earn their living from trading are doing, you will immediately see why the average trader will never do the same thing. Because the mainstream in the trading industry has always been to trade as frequently as possible. Even the term “high frequency trading” is a popular term that is supposed to imply that it’s desirable.

You can be sure that brokers love high frequency trading but if you want to use a Forex trading strategy that consistently creates increase in capital, and if you have ever looked at a chart you should immediately realize that in order to accomplish this on any time frame you need to be doing nothing most of the time. And you need to be very clear and very selective about when and why you enter a trade.

Why is day trading and entering several trades per day considered to be the norm and the most desirable strategy?  It’s because of several totally false notions that are encouraged by the broker industry and most of the Forex gurus as well who also benefit from encouraging numerous short term trades per day.

Here’s and exercise that might help.  Look at a chart.  Notice that there are points where trends begin and points where they end.  Notice the amount of time in between the beginning and end on each time frame.  Now ask yourself why would would enter and exit at other times for reasons other than seeing the beginning of a trend and the end of a trend.

Although some of the advice in this video may sound a little cryptic, arcane, or esoteric.  if you listen carefully you may have one of the most important breakthroughs in your trading career.