Although There Aren’t As Many, Women Do Seem To Make Better Traders.

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On International Women’s Day, we heart of some impressive evidence that women do better in business and trading than men. On Bloomberg TV today I saw one chart indicating that hedge funds owned by women consistently outperformed those own by men by a long shot. And we keep hearing the term ‘womenomics”. In fact, who doesn’t like women? Women can … Read More

Now the EU Prepares Public For More Delays.

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The EU says that difficult Brexit talks are unlikely to come to a deal quickly which is another way of little by little having both sides working together to delay Brexit longer and longer.

Trading Stars Podcast 27: Injured U.S. Army Veteran Becomes Top Forex Trader

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 U.S. Army Veteran and Construction Contractor, Byron Young has been diligently working on mastering the business of trading currencies in the Forex market for several years.  After many long hours, days, weeks, months and years his work is paying off as he has gradually begun to master this rare art and skill of trading financial markets. With the current … Read More

Forex Trading Strategy: How to Stop the One Most Overlooked Mistake That Causes Loss

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The One Hidden Key That Turns Any Losing Forex Trading Strategy Into A Perpetual Cash Machine If you have ever been involved in Forex trading there’s no doubt that you have seen many Forex trading strategies and you have no doubt tried using at least a few of them. But what traders quickly discover is that no matter what Forex … Read More

How to Develop Kung Fu Master-like Self Discipline.

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Here are some statements to use in logic. Everyone who is successful has a strong mastery of some level of self discipline. Statement 2: Nearly everyone who is not successful in any area, likely is lacking in self discipline. So who are the people who are interested in developing more discipline? Everyone who has an intention of becoming successful in … Read More

S&P 500 and Dow Jones Are Still in an Uptrend – News Describes Small Retracement.

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If you are able to read markets you can see that the S&P 500 and the Dow are both still in an excellent ongoing uptrend after completing a correction. As of today, there is a tiny retracement described as edging lower in a choppy session. From a chart pattern standpoint that is fine because no market has ever not formed … Read More