Venezuela Has the World’s Most Miserable Economy and Why is That So?

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You don’t need to be a rocket scientist or an economist to understand what happens when there is no motivation for excellence is business as is the case in Venezuela. The big mistake is believing that people are poor because the government should share everything with its citizens. In an ideal economy, every person can make as much money as … Read More

Trading Stars Podcast 29: Father and Son Trading Team Literally Rock the Forex Market

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 This turned out to be a great opportunity to get to know two of the members in our trading community who have mostly just been a name showing up in the web conference live sessions.  Finally, I got the opportunity to learn more about the individuals behind that login as I learned how David Jenkins has been attending our … Read More

May Promises to Quit if Deal Is Approved?

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The never-ending story of the Brexit fiasco keeps getting more and more ridiculous. Why would Theresa May need to pledge to quit as Prime Minister if this deal Is approved? Perhaps, it could be a selfless sacrifice to help save the country from disaster while opponents are more interested in attacking her rather than saving the country. See what you … Read More

U.S. Flooding of Farms Adds to Stress of Trade War Damage to Profits.

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Things have not been going well for some U.S. Farmers who have prospered in the past. Now trade wars with China have greatly reduced demand opportunities for exports and now more challenges with crops being lost to widespread flooding. Continue Reading here

2 Million British Citizens Sign “Cancel Brexit” Petition Crashing Site.

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Apparently, a lot of British citizens are concerned about the direction the country is now headed and made that known by signing a petition to cancel Brexit altogether and go back to the way things were before this fiasco that seems like it will never work out anyway. I can’t say that I blame them although on the other hand … Read More

Here’s How Our Favorite Economist Explains What We Knew Would Happen at FOMC

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I am glad that my emphasis is on reading charts using extreme subtle but accurate signals and patterns known through many years of testing. If I had to interpret economic data and use logic, I would be as confused as the rest of these guys. But here is how it is explained from the fundamental economic view. Continue Reading here … Read More