Trading Psychology: the Truth Seen on Charts vs Subconscious Beliefs

Let’s begin by looking at the market. When you look at the market this is science and art and you are seeing what is true. What do you see when you look at a chart of price data of a market? Is there something you can see that is true such as a known pattern that repeats with different variations of the same thing? If you were going to enter or exit a trade would it be based on the truth of what you know markets do? Let’s see.

If you have an intention can you state your intention clearly?
Now say, I choose to trade with consistent profit based on the truth of what the market forms.

Here is a trend and here is a correction. How would you like to trade?

If you say the market did not form a trend and correction that could be either psychotic delusion or hallucination. So if you begin by acknowledging this is true you would decide to enter by identifying the end of a correction.

There are many places where I can’t see a clear trend or correction, this is excellent observation that could lead you to the next level of realization. That is that there are additional steps and if you don’t see clear trends or corrections I will show you how to adjust your charts so that you can see they are forming clear trends and corrections by adjusting the frequency and comparing correlated pairs and by looking at other pairs instead.

Identity level beliefs are the highest level and that’s why many people will say, seeing the truth of what the market actually forms is not compatible with my trading strategy. Now a trading strategy is based on your thoughts and behavior or your knowledge and action or decision. If you believe that seeing what the market does is not compatible with who you are and your identity the next step is to learn to change the identity level beliefs that is causing you to not trade based on seeing what is true. Many people believe that the right strategy for them is to not see what the market does and trade based on something else. And this is due to an unconscious belief that you are not the type of person who trades based on what the market does but you are the type of person who prefers to be entertained by useless gimmicks and end up wasting your time and money and losing your account.

In that case I can show you how to change that identity level belief so that you believe you are a person who trades based on what the market does and gets consistent profit from that choice.
Many of these people will choose not to change that belief and stay on the path of failure while a few will choose to make that change and start trading based on the truth and start getting consistent profit.

If you see that its true the market forms these patterns but somehow you don’t want to enter based on what is true the most likely reason is that you have subconscious beliefs that you should not make money. And this is something that you can change with the methods I show you in my Reprogramming the Mind for Success in Trading Course.

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