Forex News: Trading Political Events

In today’s market currency news trading is no longer about having the right Forex trading strategy based on scheduled economic news events. During recent global crisis of the Covid 19 pandemic the Forex currency market has not been forming it’s movements based on news events such as NFP, GDP, PPI, etc. Instead it waits for mostly unscheduled news to give a direction about overall sentiment of risk on and risk off.

How To Identify Market Turns

In the last part of this video I demonstrate a method based on NLP aligning perceptual positions as well as guided meditation using what Carl Jung described as the gateway to the unconscious, symbols, mythology (imagination and stories) can have the most powerful effect on the unconscious. To recap, in this video you will learn how to trade the news with 3 powerful strategies as well as my own secret Forex NFP trading strategy that works. And you will learn how to trade Forex news simple news trading of scheduled economic data release as well as political events. I believe you can even learn about Forex and how to tell if news will be positive or negative.  How to trade the news with currency strength meter secrets 95% of traders don’t know this and that is that currency strength is determined by reading the pattern on multiple time frames.