Winning Trading Strategy: How Your Subconscious Beliefs Create Your Results

Every day thousands of people continue struggling desperately trying somehow to learn to have consistent profit in trading. And if they were told that the reason for not getting the result they intend is because of a subconscious conflict due to a childhood core belief about their identity and self esteem many would not believe that’s true. Most people would come up with their own reason based on technical analysis or maybe the fear that institutional traders are unfairly forcing them to lose as victims. This is really happening in people’s minds.

And for those who don’t believe that’s the reason for not winning more consistently; this video is not for you. If you don’t know this is the reason I recommend keep focusing on whatever you believe the reason is. I can share a couple of facts to help point you in the right direction. Study any kind of personal development, neuroscience, psychology or basic self help.

Notice one of the worlds best traders Paul Tudor Jones, has been coached in NLP and subconscious programming for most of his career, Another of the worlds greatest traders Stanley Druckenmiller donated $100 million to found a neuroscience department of NYU. These things are true. These are the worlds greatest traders. You can google it.

Another of the worlds greatest traders Ray Dalio also embraces success programming of the mind and is a daily practitioner of transcendental meditation as are other extremely wealthy entrepreneuers that I have personally known. You can discover these things to be true but I prefer that this video will focus on helping people who already know thats true so I wont need to spend valuable time proving what is now well known as being true.


If someone wants to know this its not a secret and its not my job to evangelize the world to accept what is known to true.

Lets say you are involved in trading and you dont know that the worlds greatest traders are actively involved in neuroscience or reprogramming their minds. Ever heard of Napoleon Hill or Tony Robbins? Make any connections?

How many traders are struggling to somehow find a way to get consistent profit and the real problem is not anything technical and not related to anything on their charts.

Its natural to think that the problem is something on your charts. Its gotta be some tweaking needed to my system.

Notice, first of all how many of us are attracted to trading and may come from a background of having a job and never owned a business or even tried owning a business. We might even believe trading is an occupation suitable for us because we feel safe and comfortable in trading as a technical activity. I am a chart analyst. But I would never sell any product or service.

All rich people are rich because they own a business that sells things. Being rich is good. And selling things is honorable, virtuous, and noble.
Rich people naturally believe this and its even taught in private elementary schools according to what was noticed by Marissa Peer. Here brother got to go to private school and she wen to public school and there is an agenda to what is taught in these different types of schools.

In fact notice in the trading world if you are searching for information on trading or you are in trading groups and then you notice someone selling something. That person is trying to sell something. What is your normal inner feeling and reaction?

Notice when you trade, you can try to trick yourself into believing you are doing something technical analyzing charts but every time you open or close a trade your unconscious mind knows you are buying and selling for a profit and since selling is bad therefore you feel your survival is threatened because your identity is threatened.

The reason a person would feel angry if someone is selling something is clearly because at a core unconscious level the person hates making money and believes making money is bad, dishonorable or reprehensible,

In all forms of success and making money, all money is made by selling a product or service. If you don’t make money by selling something you have a job working for someone else who sells some other product or service.

So when you dislike people selling things it can only be because on one level you hate money and are unconsciously protecting yourself from the activity that threatens your identity of a good person by doing what you consider dishonorable or shameful.

This is what poor people believe. Rich people believe making money and selling things is good, virtuous, honorable and noble.

This secret is kept hidden but also kept alive and perpetuated as a universal myth in stories, books and movies .

This is why people who are attracted to trading are people who believe that trading is an activity that is based on technical analytical skill that is safe for personalities that are not suited to owning a business and selling products or services.

Selling things is bad but analyzing charts is suitable for people who dont like selling.

But your subconscious mind knows that trading is a high level entrepreneurial activity of buying and selling equities for the sole purpose of making profit. If you believe selling is bad and you try to disguise trading attempting to deceive yourself into believing you aren’t involved in selling, is there any wonder you would experience unconscious self sabotage? That’s what self sabotage is and is based on, this type of inner conflict.

Now to help you overcome this belief conflict try reading the book the Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles. But to really program the mind you can try NLP, autosuggestion, EFT, and self hypnosis and the Neuro Evolve Techniques taught in our course Reprogramming the Mind for Success in Trading.