The “Fair Value” is Changing Rapidly on Bitcoin and Eventually Might Be Worth Zero.

It has always been known that value is based on supply and demand and when the creators of Bitcoin added in a completely artificial limitation of supply the purpose was to make the value rise. As I have been saying for a few years, it is easy to see that the actual supply is unlimited since anyone can create another cryptocurrency and possibly there are better versions that could make any crypto eventually become obsolete. The idea that Bitcoin will always have a value does not have logic or evidence. Ethereum, Cardano, Solana all claim to be better versions as do others. So when investing in a cryptocurrency keep in mind that currencies are not actually investment assets and consider that if you took that same amount of money and invested in something that actually MAKES money like a kiosk that sells coffee or screen protectors in the mall, what would the return on investment be comparatively and what is the risk of loss comparatively?

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