Trading Stars Podcast Episode 5



I hesitate to include this in our episodes because the audio is so bad.   lol But for nostalgia sake this trader, Nigel at one time developed some useful software apps for MT4 while developing his own skills in trading.  And now, he is the developer of an app that I believe is going to change the Forex industry, or at least will change it for some people.  Later we will have an episode interviewing him about his latest creation, a Forex risk management software and loss elimination expert for Mt4.

I have spent my trading career developing more and more expertise in reading the market and reducing losing trades more and more from refining the way that I see and read the market.  But if you could eliminate or automatically recover losses, I think that would be a huge game changer for everyone.   Almost anyone can get into some good winning trades.  But when you subtract the losses that will dramatically change anyones results from losing to steady increase.

There is still always a risk in trading and a risk in not using this type of software properly.  Later we will conver how it can be usd as a tool to assist you in your day to day work of managing winning and potentially losing trades.

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