Trading Stars Podcast 6



We had a rare privelege of interviewing Ruben Topaz, an amazing trader originally from Israel but who was living in Germany at the time.  Now he has relocated to a beautiful beach town in Mexico.

Ruben has an extraordinary mind for trading and after taking numerous courses previously, he finally developed a real skill in trading shortly after starting in the Trading Mastermind Platinum Trading Group.   As it turns out he became a major contributor to our community spirit and body of trading knowledge.  I was very pleased to receive an email from him later describing his new life in trading and surfing in Mexico.

I will try to arrange another interview with him to bring you up to date on this awesome journey!

Here is that email:

“Hey Scott,
how’s it going?
I hope as well as confident that you are doing absolutely great!
As for me, I could not of imagined a better situation to be at.
As I always say (and wholeheartedly believe) ‘DREAM – and become that dream’, I feel that it is absolutely so!
I am not completely there yet, but I am not sure if I want to be there yet or not, I enjoy the way…
I have many more dreams and goals that I am in the process of discovering and achieving.
However, and most importantly, I am completely satisfied with what I have right now as well as what I don’t yet have.
As for my business, I have tremendous success at the moment. My account had grown and is growing (even as I write to you…) at an incredible speed ;-).
Since I’m here, exactly 5 months, my account had grown by about 650%.
I am still defining my strategy to fit my preffered life style and I am satisfied with the results.
It is mostly a different way of looking at the market.
I finally achieved a long sought after ‘1,000’ pips trade.
I’m still in it and it’s 1,500 pips GBP USD short trade and counting. 😉
The best part is that none of this seems like ‘working’ at all, I LOVE every second of trading and I find enough time to be at the beach several times a day and surf when there are waves…
 I still need to find affirmations that are specific to trading, but at the moment I work on topics such as patience, manifesting money, master emotions, etc.
I want to take the opportunity to thank you for your part in my success.”


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