Italian Forex Trader Discloses Confidential Trading Strategies

What trading strategies do professional Forex traders and Fund Managers use to get results like 248% capital increase in just 5 months.

What is it that makes them absolutely know that they can keep doing it no matter what market conditions happen in the future?

italian trader trading strategies

This Forex trader who is now proven and tested to the highest degree of Fund Manager qualifications reveals how this works and what he has been doing to get this kind of result.

You may have tried many kinds of Forex trading strategies but still consistent profit may have eluded you.  You may have resorted to Forex scams such as Forex trading robots, automated systems, proprietary indicators, forex trading signals,  etc.  Anything that seems to be designed to promise results without actually learning to read the market and make wise trading decisions is probably a scam.

We have now interviewed around 30 professional traders who now earn their living from trading Forex who have taken our training program.   They all say the same thing.  You have to have a training system that actually shows you what really works, not vague technical signals that can be shown only after the fact.

This traders mentions that the Metatrader 4 lotcalc plugin is part of how he manages risk management.  He shows how he is able to always get 2-4 or more times reward vs the risk on losing trades.  And how he is able to predict market turning points with accuracy and consistency.

He shows his Forex trading record of his account with Forex broker, Alpari U.K and is happy to no longer work at a job but is trading full time professionally and never looking back.

Check out his video interview here:

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