Using Forex News Calendar to Schedule Winning Trades in Advance

Here’s my video on how to use forex news calendar to schedule winning trades in advance!

In Forex Trading, many people believe that they need to watch the charts for many hours per day and you often hear people say, “You never know when it might turn”.   This is for the most part, false. Watch how a forex news calendar works in a real forex trading system.

You know when the market is going to turn after paying attention to it for a while.  Did you know that about 70% of market movement that represents an end of a trend or an end of a correction happens during the London Forex trading hours?

You can watch all day and all night every day but it won’t change the fact that 70% of the turns you are looking for are going to happen right on schedule during that time.

forex news calendar

Another 20% or so will happen during the New York session. Usually, these are end of a trend. Since the medium time frame trends last 3-10 days long, they don’t happen every day.  But there are some sessions where the beginning of a trend happens at that time like during the U.S. dollar non farm payroll. Or even in the afternoon New York time at the time of the FOMC report.

Another 10% happen in the Asian session when there is Australian Dollar AUD news.  You can mark your forex news calendar and put the notes on your trading hours when the AUD news is coming out there will be a trade that is worth getting into.

Of course, most people have no idea how easy it is to stay in for the entire trend and only exit right at the end of the trend because they will also say “You never know when it might turn.  Better get out and take profit.”   Ok, That’s fine.  I love it when people say things like that.

If you say my previous video about How to Trade the Non Farm Payroll  and FOMC and if you really looked at a chart and observed the reality you will see that you can always trade the news and never get caught up in the supposed “chaos” or “banks manipulating the market” that most traders refer to. It pretty much doesn’t exist if you are looking at what I’m looking at.

Enjoy how this changes your experience of trading. You can now relax, make some appointments this week to look at chart for just a short while and get in all the most ideal trades every week. If you don’t believe that, I can show you in real time how forex trading hours work using forex news calendar. You will see it consistently in my account.

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