Trading Stars Podcast 21

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       Our guest, Jaybee Rai, is a professional Forex trader and fund manager.  He is also a master of qigong and Daoist Alchemy and has developed a unique fusion of trading skill and wisdom that creates extraordinary mastery in trading. He reveals how to create charts that are orderly and precise and show exactly when to enter a trade … Read More

How The Multidimensional Universe Inside Your Brain Can Help You To Trade Like A Wizard

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Neuroscience is a fascinating subject that we are using constantly in trading and personal development. The people who are not aware how this affects your results in trading most likely do not have any consistent profit yet. We are constantly exploring the latest discoveries and techniques that lead to success in trading.

It’s Not A Buzz Word. Reprogramming the Mind How To Get Results in Business and Life.

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A few people realize that I have made an entire course on Reprogramming the Mind for Success in Trading. But even fewer realize that course will soon be available for $1995. At the moment this course is included for everyone who subscribes to our complete training course and live daily trading sessions.

Bitcoin Takes the Inevitable Dive 18% Down

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Yes, right after all the “dumb money” put their entire investment capital into buying at the top which is the normal routine in trading and investment.  If  there is a future for Bitcoin, the way to know when to buy is by learning the read the market.  It is not rocket science but does require some skill and practice.  Whether … Read More