Trading Stars Podcast 22: How To Use NLP to Reprogram the Mind to Win in Trading

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       Our guest today is Anthony Beardsell, Anthony Beardsell, lead trainer of Excellence Assured NLP Training , all-star trader & author of the book Mind Management & Mindfulness. In this candid conversation Anthony shares some of the experiences of his own journey and the insights he has had along the way about how NLP can be used to enable … Read More

Why judgement and self-righteousness are limitations we must overcome in our personal development mind training.

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Both self righteousness and self punishment/unworthiness are limiting beliefs that are programmed in our minds. These are the blockers to our ability to create success and happiness now because they keep nagging at our minds unconsciously sabotaging our efforts to create success.  

Yellen Claims that Banks are Stronger Now and a Financial Crisis is Not Likely in Our Lifetime.

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I am not sure how long Yellen’s lifetime should be predicted to be but I guess this is comforting to hear from the person who should be the expert on economics in the U.S. But, of course, can we really trust the people who run the Fed, whose agenda may be to keep people ignorant and enslaved to the financial … Read More

Beautiful short on USD CHF now approaching possible exit!

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The dollar has sunk against the CHF and the EUR this week but I believe that is mostly because of the EUR action going up. Whatever the reason for the move we nailed it again but not nearly as profitable as the trades we entered on the EUR AUD and EUR NZD.

I have been looking for a turn on all dollar pairs and thinking it could happen today.

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John Kicklighter is an excellent analyst using both technical and fundamental indicators and when he explains things in his videos it makes so much sense and often confirms what I was expecting.

Carney Helps Create A Nice Short On The GBP Pairs.

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Right as this is happening I see Carney was scheduled to speak at the Mansion House Dinner. Apparently that was kind of important and now you can see how it formed the short earlier and here you can read why that happened.