Trading Stars Podcast Episode 1


While interviewing George Kfoury, a professional trader in our community, I was shocked to learn some things I had no idea about like the increase he has been getting.   At one time in our community some people because obsessed with trading on the 1 minute time frame.  George was one of the people who demonstrated total mastery on the 1 minute using our normal method but focusing exclusively on the 1 minute time frame.  Some days he would get 200 PIPS per day and some days over many hours, he successfully harvested over 800 PIPS on one day!

This type of trading is fascinating and very addictive but those who went down this path did so against my better judgement.  Later even though George masterd this skill, he told me he would not trade that way again because of the intense stress and pressure as well as the need for constant focus for many hours.  Another person in our group nearly destroyed his life with this addiction.

The lesson I learned is that it is totally possible to master this type of trading but in my opinion, not desirable. George agreed and went back to the medium range of time frames for most trades. What an incredible journey this whole experience has been to me!   I never stop learning and never cease to be amazed with the market and its potential for creating income.