Trading Stars Podcast 15



In this part 2 of Steve’s presentation on the path to success in trading through transformation of beliefs and mindset, he reveals some extremely valuable insight that you can use in your own trading.  Having just returned from a live training with Van Tharp Institute he was full of the passion to make changes and share what he had just learned.

I just had an email exchange with Steve, and found out he is still trading professionally with excellent results.  It was very coincidental that he mentioned he is doing the same personal development right now that I am doing which is Joe Dispenza’s meditation for How to Break the Habit of Being Yourself which I highly recommend.  In our How to Re-program the Mind for Success in Trading, we go through the most effective processes I have found to totally change your entire core beliefs about success, money and personal worth.  After doing these, you will find everything seems to naturally work better and in harmony.   This is how you develop that “laser focused magnetic target” that enables you to finally get the results you have always wanted.

How to Master the Art and Science of Trading.

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