Trading Non Farm Payroll and FOMC Part 2

I had so much positive feedback from the previous video which got shared with a few professional Forex traders around the world, that I had to make a follow up to show how it worked after this week’s FOMC statement. Whether trading the non farm payroll Forex news or economic event from the Forex news calendar, or the FOMC or any other big news you are doing to discover that this works month in and month out over and over.

You will be amazed at how other people can’t see this and what causes the “herd” to get wiped out easily with heavy losses while a tiny few people can easily sit back and enjoy the news with calm confidence and relaxation. It’s really not so difficult but even though I could post this as a free video on Youtube and its available for any one to watch it for free, still hardly anyone will take notice and only a tiny few people choose to “get it” because somehow  it’s not what most people think they are looking for. Even though they could easily do this themselves and its right there for them to see and I don’t even hide any “secrets” still it will somehow remain hidden from the eyes of most people.

What is keeping you from doing it? Either you can’t see it when you look right at it, or your mind is blocked from believing it. Or maybe you do see it and from now on you will do it and get the results that I got this week and every week in the past. My account is up 20% so far this half of a month with a 5% risk of capital and now there is no risk and the profit locked in. I do that every month. But other people can look right at it and not see it.

I used to hide things and try not to share some secrets.  But now I know that I could put the secrets on national TV and most people would just yawn and change the channel and they will never see it. In this video I show you so clearly that there is NO WAY that you could possibly NOT see it.

I hope you enjoy this and find it useful.

Wishing you the best of success in your trading!

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