How to trade Non Farm Payroll, PMI, and FOMC Part 3

Sometimes I wish that more people could see and experience the turns that the market keeps making in Forex, gold and silver, commodities and any other finanacial market. But then I realize it is probably a good thing that most people cannot see this.

I can hardly believe that I would post some of these videos on a public site like YouTube. And only a few people picked up what I was showing and took action. One of the most important traits of a successful trader is the ability to choose what to do in spite of the influence of others. Why does one person automatically go against the herd? Why do some people create trends and others follow them? An independent mindset and confidence in your own ability to see what is true are essential to good trading results.

When a major news event is released most traders enter the market based on emotions that are exactly the same as the emotions of an amateur gambler, the typical tourist in a Las Vegas casino. That’s fine and we don’t want to change that. But there are a few people who intend to trade Forex for a living and become a full time professional trader who always has increase in capital each month. If you are one of those people check to see what are your reasons for having that intention.

If your reasons are sound you can move to the next step. Who can tell you if your reasons are good enough? Only you. Make sure they are right for you and the ecology is in harmony with your life purpose. Then discover and eliminate your inner conflicts and negative unconscious beliefs. When your inner trading master is ready to come out and shine the next step is to learn to see what I have been showing in our live trading sessions every day.

How to Master the Art and Science of Trading.

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