The Top Performers in Trading and Business are Working on This: Hierarchy of Neurological Levels

Robert Dilts is not only one of the original developers of what has become the field of NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming,   he is the author of several books that have had an impact on my own development such as Changing Belief Systems with NLP, Beliefs: Pathways to health and well-being and Sleight of Mouth: The Magic of Conversational Belief Change.  He is also credited for developing what is now known as the Hierarchy or Neurological Levels.  The main practical use of this model is based on the idea that our behaviors and results in life are determined by our sense of purpose and our identity level beliefs.  For instance, if you believe you are somehow not worthy of love and acceptance, (a very common subconscious belief) our behavior and results will be driven by that belief.   When children become adults, and we no longer consciously believe the programming that they received during our childhood, often we will discover a conflict when we become involved in things like striving for success in business or career.  We may consciously believe we are very capable of great success and we may have developed all the necessary skills to make it happen.  But at a subconscious level, we keep coming back to a block that prevents us from moving forward.  This is what is often called “self-sabotage.”

The solution to this problem is to become aware of the core beliefs that are blocking us.  There is a process known as “eliciting a core belief” that can guide us to discover the real underlying subconscious block or limiting belief.  Many of us who consider ourselves to be intelligent, will immediately deny having beliefs that seem childish such as, “I’m not worthy” or “I’m not good enough”   BIG MISTAKE! But at least this is easily overcome by opening your mind to discover that this is true and true of everyone. Everyone has some version or some level of this challenge.  It’s a normal part of being human.

Once we discover that this is true the next step is learning the ways to change everything we have inside that stops us from becoming the person we desire to be.  There are a number of powerful strategies for accomplishing this including the parts integration method, re-imprinting, timeline therapy, self-hypnosis, affirmations, and others that you may want to discover and practice if you intend to change your results in life.

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