How to Overcome Anxiety and Fear and Unleash Your Inner Superhero

Have you ever noticed lately that you or other people have a lot of extra anxiety or fear?¬†¬†Does it seem like you are being encouraged if not forced to feel fear and anxiety?¬†¬†I noticed that on search results on the internet and on social sites anyone who recommends that people create a state of inner calmness are ridiculed or condemned.¬†¬†¬†The message I am seeing is Here’s why you really need to worry!¬†¬†¬†Here’s s why you really need to panic.¬†¬†Got it?¬†¬†We hope you got the message and anyone caught not panicking will be deleted.¬†¬†Any content that suggests people in general remain calm seems to run counter to all mainstream news and ideology.
I believe that we should resist the command or suggestion to feel anxiety or fear and in doing so we can be far more effective in being a part of a positive solution to any challenge.
It’s been proven that even a mild amount of anxiety will shut off the functioning of the frontal lobes of the brain making it nearly impossible to think clearly or make calm wise decisions. Not just thinking but physical performance is weakened by anxiety as seen in sports and athletics, or any work or performance that requires mind/body integration.¬†¬†The disruption in the energy of the nervous system is noticeably detrimental with even slight amounts of fear or anxiety.
Let me ask you this?  Whatever you need to do today, whatever turns out to be your mission for the moment or the day, will your performance be better with anxiety and fear or will it be better with calmness?   When you think about your responsibility to your family and the people you love, even your friends, coworkers, associates, colleagues, and all the people who care about, would it benefit them more if you are able to remain calm?  And help other people remain calm?
To truly experience peak performance in any activity we need to be able to create and maintain a mental and physical state or relaxation, calmness and this is how we can make wise decisions and perform at our highest level in any physical activity.
Don’t get me wrong, I believe that fear has a great purpose.¬†¬†Without fear we might not experience the motivation we need to do things we might not otherwise choose to do.
If you are standing in the street and a truck is barreling toward you at full speed not slowing down what happens?¬†¬†You get out of the way and it happens very naturally without consciously thinking about it. That is the beauty of having natural fear. It shows you care about your life and you value it appreciate it. That type of fear shows you value and care about your life and it’s a wonderful useful thing to have right? If stood there and let a truck run over you, you probably have no natural value and appreciation for your life that is felt as a natural fear of being killed unnecessarily.¬†¬†We all will die and ultimately we should have no fear of death but while we are here we need that natural sense of self preservation and it’s great.¬†¬†I’m so glad to have positive fear to help motivate me in life.
That’s why people sometimes put themselves into situations or environments that enable them to experience more fear. There are business training bootcamps that are designed to increase motivation by enhancing awareness of the consequences of NOT taking the action that brings more success.
When a person enlists in the military and arrives at military bootcamp, from the moment you get off the bus or whatever transportation takes the recruit to the destination of official arrival  at bootcamp they will immediately be confronted by a drill Sargeant whose purpose is to instill fear and discipline in the recruits which enables them to experience a total transformation of behavior.   They are able to become motivated to do extraordinary things that they would not otherwise be doing if they were back home sitting on the couch watching TV.
In religious doctrine and in political governmental control we see fear used as a tool to force compliance with the controlling ruling class. We may disagree with the ruling controlling force but we see that fear works.
But once you learn the lessons you don’t need to remain in a state of fear.¬†¬†¬†Like a child learns to not put his hand on a hot stove but after learning that does not need to remain in a lifelong state of total phobia worrying about the many possible ways he might somehow end up putting his hand on the stove.¬†¬†Do we need to live in a state on incapacitation because of fear of things that are not even happening?
Can a person maintain total motivation and self discipline without having any fear?  Yes, it is possible but in doing so we will actually be creating a harmonious balance between fear and passion or love which is considered the opposite of fear.  It is taught in personal development, NLP, psychology, and spirituality how we can learn to create states of calmness, joy and compassion while being 100% motivated to perform our best at the same time. You can be motivated not from fear but from your highest wisdom and passion.
There are many ways to overcome anxiety and they are all good. EFT tapping, practicing yoga or chi gong, and ways of approaching anxiety from a psychological point of view in NLP or cognitive behavior therapy,
But there is one thing that you can instantly do and is free to every person on the planet and that is to take control of your breath.
So just watch what happens to me as you can see I have some phobia of public speaking or stage fright even when making videos.
What happens when a person has anxiety?  The breathing almost stops and remains very shallow and erratic. As we unconsciously tense the stress and anxiety causes the abdomen to tense and tighten so the first thing is to soften the abdomen and take in a full complete breath.
A lot of people would immediately think, “That’s not really going to do anything to me.”.¬†¬†Those are people who never actually tried doing any kind of breathing exercises. People who tried it know that it will instantly change the state of the body and the mind if you do this
You learn to breathe into the abdomen so when you breathe in your abdomen will go out and when you exhale your abdomen will come back in.
And continue to take long slow deep breaths.
And then inhale counting one two three four. Hold the breath one two three four, exhale.  Hold the breath out for two short counts and breath back in.
The instant that you detect any stress or anxiety pause and take in full deep breaths.
You can take some classes or watch some videos on breathing techniques. I recommend the Happiness Program by the Art of Living which is one of the world’s greatest experiences you can have in mastering the most essential aspects of how to live a life of joy and fulfillment.¬†¬†There are many programs that teach variations of good breathing techniques like Wimhoff the Iceman, Tibetan Tumo breathing, and too many to list here but if you just learn to breathe into your abdomen and take slow deep breaths and if you just do this one thing it will immediately totally transform your state enabling you to have full functioning of your brain and the connection of your nervous system gives you optimum physical performance. If you just take a class on yoga or chi gong or maybe even some sports training or meditation technique provide similar benefits.
You will discover something truly amazing and life transforming if you do this for 10 minutes.
Here I’m making a video but if I stopped and focused on my breathing for 10 minutes what do you think would happen to my state of mind and body?
I would enter a deep state of calm awareness and become more aware of my inner state and external environment and very likely would be able to inspire people around me. It would be profound and perceptible by others around me.  What would happen to you if you do this for 10 minutes? You would become like a superhero. People would notice what is different about this person? Other people are panicking while you are remaining calm and confident and able to make wise decisions and powerful performance for doing anything. You can still take physical action and be able to do amazing things just like a superhero when you tap into this inner state just from a few deep breaths.
The only way to know and experience what I’m describing is to do it yourself.¬†¬†The purpose of this video is to help as many people as possible to discover your own inner super hero, your inner wise master, and see new solutions come to you more easily. You will be amazed and you could even help save lives or maybe become more enlightened or more powerful.
So the most powerful and effective way to get rid of anxiety and fear is to take control of your breath, to breath into you. And if you just do this one thing it will instantly transform your state and ability to think and perform, potentially having a positive effect on your any situation or any intention you are focused on. Everyone around you will be inspired by your presence and will be grateful to have you around. Let this knowledge serve you well.

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