Forex Trading Indicators Not Working on MT4 Build 600?

Here’s a video tip using forex trading indicators on MT4:

People have been emailing and feeling baffled when they download forex trading indicators. They try to install them in Metatrader MT4 and they don’t work. The problem is that after Metaquotes released this upgrade to MT4 called build 600 or 604, 610. Whatever the current version is, there is a different layout and file structure where the data is now stored. It’s now like MT5. The files are stored in a place on the C drive, user, appdata, roaming, Metaquotes, terminal and then a long series of useless numbers.

If you have MT4 installed from several different Forex brokers, this could be beyond confusing. You have no idea what series of numbers corresponds to which broker. The solution here is to go to File, open data folder and that takes you right to the new place where you need to copy and paste the forex trading indicators.

If you are going to be involved in Forex trading and you are using Metatrader MT4 of MT5, this will help you to get rid of some of the frustration of having to deal with Metaquotes products.

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