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I’m seriously planning to permanently shut down the Platinum Trading Group to new members in about a week in order to narrow down my focus to just trading for pleasure with a few likeminded entrepreneurs who appreciate what we are doing.

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This enables me to also continue to develop the fund management wing which is now growing faster than we can keep up with.

I’ll explain quickly:

Lately I am enjoying more and more the freedom to slow things down and appreciate the more meaningful things in life. I have taught a number of people how slowing down also earns more money in trading.  You can easily prove that to yourself.  What’s more if you try to scrape every PIP out of the market but your wife leaves you and you die of a stress heart attack what the hell good is that?

Every week I will show you how waiting patiently wins the game every time and soon you will see it yourself and know it for a fact.   You won’t need anyone else to tell you what’s best to do in trading and you can laugh at the maniacs who keep on scalping while desperately watching their accounts go to zero balance again and again.

The whole time they are gripping their mouses with tension, fear and stress constricting their entire bodies like a Burmese python swallowing its prey.

Meanwhile the savvy trader can relax, occasionally check the charts and then confidently place a trade at the exact right time and then immediately play a long round of golf or head out to the beach for the day without looking at the charts again.

The scalping addicts think that is insane.   I love that they think that.

So over the last 5 years I have completely stopped doing live training events and have never had an online webinar for outsiders.   I like to keep things simple and private and the people who know me know that I am a quiet person who doesn’t like to toot my own horn.

In order to keep things “real”  I prefer to let every member of the group prove to themselves what works in trading by fully experiencing it, the whole process of stalking, waiting and knowing what to look for.

Then comes the process of making a decision to enter.  Is that possible by receiving a signal?    The entire psychology needed for success requires a trader to develop the personal skill of making a decision based on probability, visual skill and commitment to accepting risk.

That’s how I know that people who are afraid to commit to trying a proven and tested training program and trading community will not likely ever become professional traders.  People who can’t risk $99 to work with full time professionals every day will not even be able to enter a trade.

Because every time it comes down to entering a trade there will never be a guarantee that the trade will turn out good.  There will only be the confidence of high probability based on solid proven repetition over a long time of experience recognizing what a real entry is based on.

Right now people are getting ready to log in and listen and watch carefully to see this process demonstrated yet again day after day.  People from the U.K., Australia, Singapore, Holland, the U.S., Spain, Ireland, Hong Kong and many countries around the globe.  They come together every day in a joyful ritual anxious to connect with friends and business colleagues each in their own private trading space.

Let’s be honest.  A lot of people are interested in making lots of money by sitting in front of a computer for a few hours per day.   But very few people will every follow through and do the actual work, have the discipline and patience needed to develop a real business in trading.

Who is strong enough to go through all the struggling and failure which is logically required to learn trading?   Isn’t it obvious that to learn trading you will need to practice and lose several live accounts during the process of learning?   Does anyone think they will start making money from surgery during their first semester of medical school?  No! But most people are hoping to get lucky and turn one practice live account into a lifetime of wealth and when that doesn’t work they give up about as fast as a couch potato gives up an exercise program.

That’s why I have never joined the mainstream B.S. campaigns that prevail in the trading world.  I would rather just tell everyone the truth.  Yes it is possible to have the most ideal business in trading.  But that won’t happen by buying software or a robot. It won’t happen by trying to trade based on signals or social trading.  Frankly, that is about the stupidest idea I have heard of.   A managed Forex account makes a hell of a lot more sense.

If you want to trade yourself you will need to learn things and work on it for quite a while. So if you do decide to travel that road expect that you will be starting a several year journey and don’t think that a “system” will make you into a trader.  There is actual skill and work involved.

If this makes any sense and if there are any spots still available you will be warmly welcomed to join our community of traders committed to that path of success and excellence in trading financial markets.

Live deliberately,



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