Trading Stars Podcast 18

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       If you were to ask most traders what their biggest challenge is they would probably say something about the system or something about technical analysis.  Most traders are often unaware that the real problem that absolutely stops them from having the results they desire is actually because of emotions and limiting beliefs. Emotions such as fear and frustration … Read More

Traders all but clicking buy before the FOMC news hits the fan.

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You know the drill.  Interest rate hike equals an immediate surge in price.  But always look again and look carefully and usually you will see if the surge will actually cause the last move of a turn or whether it will keep going. More on that in the live sessions when we trade this event.

Trading Stars Podcast 17

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         Diego Corgna rose to the top in a short period of time by following closely in our live training sessions every day, having patience and determination. It was not long before he could say what I was going to say before I said it.  By doing exactly what I was demonstrating every day he was able to eventually … Read More

Trading Stars Podcast 16

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       Darren Starr is a super sharp trader with a  mind for understanding things quickly.  In a relatively short time he was able to get the concepts and see the picture that enables him to trade with consistency.   He has studies everything from basic trading concepts to advanced Gann and our unique method of reading the markets was … Read More

Trading Stars Podcast 15

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       In this part 2 of Steve’s presentation on the path to success in trading through transformation of beliefs and mindset, he reveals some extremely valuable insight that you can use in your own trading.  Having just returned from a live training with Van Tharp Institute he was full of the passion to make changes and share what he … Read More

Trading Stars Podcast 14

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       Fred and Ana are a husband and wife team living in Sydney Australia who both trade.   But they don’t actually trade together and don’t use the exact same method and time frame.  The interesting thing is that they are both IT professionals and have adopted the use of MT4 alerts that make a sound and/or send an … Read More

Trading Stars Podcast 13

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       Steve Maxim gave a complete presentation on his recent experiences with the Van Tharp Institute on success and trading psychology.   This training complements the training that we do in our Yin Yang Forex Training System and our Re-programming the Mind for Success in Trading Workshop. Right off the bat you will hear Steve echoe my own experience … Read More

Trading Stars Podcast 12

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       You meet the most interesting people in the trading world.  Zack is a guy I met who is an expert skateboarder from California and somehow ended up living in the mountains of Slovenia.   He was a natural for trading also because of his gnarley but stoked character for making the right moves at the right time. On … Read More