Trading Stars Podcast 31: New Hampshire Man Masters Part Time Trading While Working Full Time.

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 The story of Errol Cady, a union worker from New Hampshire, is no doubt an inspiration to everyone.  He decided to learn how to trade just around 4 years ago and after putting in some time for practice and study, he now has proven that he can risk no more than 1% and still get consistent increase in capital … Read More

London FTSE Expects Higher Open While Waiting Fed’s Monetary Policy.

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Apparently, the sentiment remains bullish for today’s market open for the London FTSE. Yesterday because of possible breakthroughs with internal Brexit agreement and today due to expectations regarding the U.S. Fed monetary policy decision at FOMC. This will definitely be an exciting trading day. Read more here

Trading Stars Podcast 30: 22 Year Old University Student Crushes it as a Professional Trader

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 This episode takes us on a unique inside look at the busy life of Brian Lim, a university student soon to graduate, who during the last 2 and a half years as a full time student has managed to also learn how to trade the Forex market professionally.  He describes a typical day in the life of a student/trader … Read More

Trump’s Plan to Stop Iranian Oil Buying Seen to Have Little Impact by Japan.

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While Japan agreed to work together with the U.S. plan to stop the import of Iranian oil, this insures the import to come from Saudi Arabia and UAE which seems to insure the export of oil from allied countries to remain strong. Read more here

Japan Could Influence Other Economies With It’s Current Deflation Strategies.

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If consumers demonstrate limited spending and companies are not raising salaries you end up with a type of stagnant economy that can start going downhill. Some experts are noticing how what is now happening in Japan could influence economies in other countries to end up going down the same downhill path. Read more here