Traders all but clicking buy before the FOMC news hits the fan.

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You know the drill.  Interest rate hike equals an immediate surge in price.  But always look again and look carefully and usually you will see if the surge will actually cause the last move of a turn or whether it will keep going. More on that in the live sessions when we trade this event.

Trading Stars Podcast 13

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     Steve Maxim gave a complete presentation on his recent experiences with the Van Tharp Institute on success and trading psychology.   This training complements the training that we do in our Yin Yang Forex Training System and our Re-programming the Mind for Success in Trading Workshop. Right off the bat you will hear Steve echoe my own experience which … Read More

Are you CURSED to lose in trading?

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Have you ever felt like no matter what you do and how much you learn in trading you are just somehow cursed to always lose? Seriously, I know you are an intelligent person and you may not be superstitions but isn’t it sometimes too uncanny that no matter how hard you try you keep ending up frustrated with your results? Some people experience it as … Read More