Trading Stars Podcast 23: Jason Rotman: Finding Perfect Balance and Success

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       What an energized discussion I had with Jason Rotman, former Chicago fund trader and President of Lido Isles Advisors and Valia Capital Management! In this episode, Jason shares some stories from his beginnings in the trading industry as well as some candid personal experiences about his life journey.  Why is Jason the “go-to” guy for the latest information … Read More

How Severe Anxiety Caused the Disappearance of Internet Billionaire.

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Stress and anxiety cause many people to fail. That is why it is so important to focus on how to create a mental state free from anxiety and fear and be able to do it anytime at will. One Chinese internet billionaire chose to disappear from the public to research the brain and well being.

GBP News Created an Excellent Short. Here’s How Analyst Describes It

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Yesterday in our live trading group we entered short on GBP pairs long before the news came out. It was most evident the short was forming on the GBP CAD and on the GBP CHF which was moving partly because of the CHF making it the best trade of the day.

Brexit Causes Boom in Irish Countryside Resorts.

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Who would have thought that the counter intuitive increase in the value of Irish countryside resorts would come more from Brexit than from the glamor of celebrity endorsements from Kanye West and Kim Kardashian who spend their honeymoon at a palatial resort owned by Martin Shaw?

Why Loving Your Enemies Makes Sense.

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When we realize through parts therapy that our internal enemies are part of us and have the same highest intention that the other part of us do, we can extend this to the external world. Everyone at some level has the same highest intention although when the intention gets down into the mundane physical world it becomes distorted until we … Read More

Bitcoin Enthusiasts Oscillate Between Devastating Gloom and Irrational Optimism.

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It is funny how the man on the street is fascinated with Bitcoin. Most people who are interested cannot afford one Bitcoin so they find other scams to satisfy their desire to get involved. Standpoint’s Moas is now predicting Bitcoin to increase by 80% to $5000. One thing for sure, there are better ways to make money on a daily … Read More