Trading Stars Podcast 20: Law Enforcement Officer Brutally Exposes Forex Trading Scams

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     This former U.S. Marine and current Law Enforcement Officer takes us on a fascinating journey inside his own experiences with the Forex trading industry.  Listen to this intriguing story to find out what worked and what didn’t work as well as how he ultimately trapped and caught the thief inside that was preventing him from getting the profit he … Read More

Trading Stars Podcast 19

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     Listen to this brief interview with Sean Crotty, who speaks candidly about his experience learning to trade.  Who would have guessed how the steps unfolded or the unique insights and revelations that would ultimately lead to his mastery and success in trading?  When we are first introduced to the idea of trading financial markets most of us have similar … Read More

Trading Stars Podcast 18

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     If you were to ask most traders what their biggest challenge is they would probably say something about the system or something about technical analysis.  Most traders are often unaware that the real problem that absolutely stops them from having the results they desire is actually because of emotions and limiting beliefs. Emotions such as fear and frustration disrupt … Read More

Trading Stars Podcast 16

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     Darren Starr is a super sharp trader with a  mind for understanding things quickly.  In a relatively short time he was able to get the concepts and see the picture that enables him to trade with consistency.   He has studies everything from basic trading concepts to advanced Gann and our unique method of reading the markets was a … Read More

Trading Stars Podcast 15

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     In this part 2 of Steve’s presentation on the path to success in trading through transformation of beliefs and mindset, he reveals some extremely valuable insight that you can use in your own trading.  Having just returned from a live training with Van Tharp Institute he was full of the passion to make changes and share what he had … Read More

Trading Stars Podcast 11

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     I spoke with Dale, an amazing trading expert from Australia who has mastered the ability to trade the market throughout all market cycles.  He has a vast knowledge of trading and deep insight into the Forex market.  There were time when he was trading after hours and joining out live sessions from remote mining camps deep in the outback … Read More