Slow day as markets recover from tensions with North Korea.

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Earlier this week we saw the classic reaction to news about tensions between North Korea and civilized countries. Money flows into the Swiss Franc as well as the Yen and Gold. Now things are quieting down somewhat and we see reactions in the other direction with most movements being short term fluctuations.

Fear of the Unknown and Uncertainty Are Biggest Contributors to Anxiety.

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We see this in trading an entrepreneurship all the time. Something is shutting down parts of the brain that are needed for wise decisions. The culprit is fear and anxiety. And the cause is uncertainty and unknown outcomes which are inevitable basic requirements for all decisions. Why not relax, weigh the options and make decisions in a calm state?

Jackson Hole is the Current Focus in Financial Markets.

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As always this Jackson Hole thing is more than just the most beautiful vacation spot for international economic policy makers. Once they get settled in they tend to commence with battling out the major issues that are affecting our global economy right this minute. Usually, you can see some effects on the charts before the week is over.

Deciding Your Next Big Change in Life Requires Listening to Inner Wisdom

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Before making any big change in life or planning your next big move one thing to do would be to first take some time to relax and detach yourself from the stress and predictability of daily routine. I would recommend taking a 3-day retreat at the beach or going on an alpine hiking trip high in the mountains. This type … Read More

Why This May Not Be The Best Time to Buy Stocks.

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Reading the charts for the S&P 500, the Dow, or the NYSE, requires some understanding of why these markets don’t make normal patterns. I assume the reason is that these markets are artificially propped up for never-ending uptrends in order to keep investors in their buying trance without realizing what is really happening to their money.

Gold confirms short term correction

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Gold vs the USD has confirmed a short-term correction on the 1-4 hour timeframe by forming a lower high and short entry. But the pattern on the daily for those who can read it suggests that after correcting it is likely to continue up.

Trading Stars Podcast 23: Jason Rotman: Finding Perfect Balance and Success

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     What an energized discussion I had with Jason Rotman, former Chicago fund trader and President of Lido Isles Advisors and Valia Capital Management! In this episode, Jason shares some stories from his beginnings in the trading industry as well as some candid personal experiences about his life journey.  Why is Jason the “go-to” guy for the latest information on … Read More

How Severe Anxiety Caused the Disappearance of Internet Billionaire.

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Stress and anxiety cause many people to fail. That is why it is so important to focus on how to create a mental state free from anxiety and fear and be able to do it anytime at will. One Chinese internet billionaire chose to disappear from the public to research the brain and well being.