Traders Are So Bored During Slump,They Spend Their Time on Dating Sites

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I always enjoy hearing about the so-called life of “professional” traders, Wall Street and bank traders. What is this “summer doldrums” people are talking about. Why do they have a big drop in productivity. In my own trading I have enjoyed a nice increase and am now about to top 120% for the last two months. Meanwhile according to Bloomberg … Read More

Creating Success Requires Discovering Why Our Minds Are Shut Down

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For those who have the intention of achieving success and higher potential we often discover it it a process of uncovering mental blocks one after another. You might have thought you were already clear and open minded about new concepts and beliefs but past programming makes it almost impossible to look at new information without the mind being tainted by … Read More

It is good to see the EUR moving against the Swiss even though I never trade this pair.

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Since several years ago when the CHF was pegged against the EUR I developed a habit of never trading these two against each other. Now they do have movement unlike a few years ago but the habit remains with me. It is good to use the movement of the EUR against the CHF to help determine each of these currencies … Read More

Bitcoin has done nothing but continue to form the classic correction pattern with each turn clearly identified on all time frames.

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Reading Bitcoin charts as well as other cryptocurrencies like Eutherium has been surprisingly easy if you know how to read charts the way we do every day in our live trading sessions. It is no different than other Forex pairs or commodities. So far every step and every turn has been easily read and easy to execute any trades long … Read More

People with Creative Personalities are Much More Likely To Learn How To Trade

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I have been saying this for years. Trading attracts a lot of engineering type personalities who expect to get success from their technical knowledge and mathematics skills. Those can help but if a person is totally left brained they will not be able to see the obvious in trading which is a shape that is recognized with the same part … Read More

Yes I did go long on the EUR USD BEFORE FOMC Meeting Minutes

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This was because of an unmistakable pattern but now the movement was not big enough and I am seeing a correction in a downtrend indicating that likely there will be one more move down.

Trading Stars Podcast 22: How To Use NLP to Reprogram the Mind to Win in Trading

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     Our guest today is Anthony Beardsell, Anthony Beardsell, lead trainer of Excellence Assured NLP Training , all-star trader & author of the book Mind Management & Mindfulness. In this candid conversation Anthony shares some of the experiences of his own journey and the insights he has had along the way about how NLP can be used to enable traders … Read More