Trading Stars Podcast Episode 4

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     I was speaking with Keiran, a retired U.K. trader who has been able to use Forex trading as his income after consistently extracting sometimes around 800 PIPS per month.   Apparently the key to his success is understanding the most effective way of reading the market and knowing when and why to enter and exit traders. This interview is … Read More

Trading Stars Podcast Episode 3

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     Josh was talking candidly here and mentioned the importance of being specific about your intentions.  This is why some people are able to succeed in trading more easily and quickly than others is because of their specific intentions and clear goals.   In Forex trading often people make unrealistic goals or they have no goal or just hope to … Read More

Trading Stars Podcast Episode 1

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     While interviewing George Kfoury, a professional trader in our community, I was shocked to learn some things I had no idea about like the increase he has been getting.   At one time in our community some people because obsessed with trading on the 1 minute time frame.  George was one of the people who demonstrated total mastery on … Read More